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Revamp & Regrowth

It is January 2019! This seems somehow exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. When I started this journey I had very definitive ideas about how long it would take me to reach my goal. I have been taking steps - many steps - toward my ultimate goal, but learning takes time; living takes time and, unfortunately, takes time away from learning. But part of my New Year's Resolution (sheesh, I hate making those) was to pull on my big girl pants, pull up my socks, buckle down - all of those tripe tropes, and get "serious" about the dream of having a store front apothecary and clinic. I spent some time planning, replanting and regrowing my excitement and commitment to my goal.

I started small. I redesigned my logo. While my initial logo was fun and cute, and not too shabby because, hey I designed it myself, it didn't give the professional feel that I wanted for the apothecary. Thus the new logo. And I really like it. Really, really because, hey I designed it myself.

So, that was the first step. The second, of course, goes hand in hand with redesigning a logo, and that is revamping the website - I had to make sure it had the same feel as the logo and that I had carefully reviewed all the pages to make sure everything was correct and tidy. Surprise, surprise I also learned to do a little bit of coding (thanks WIX). Yay me! The revamped website is live and best of all I added a cart so you can purchase the products I have listed on the website - right through the website! It seems like a limited list of product right now but as I learn the store will grow, and I won't put anything up for sale that I haven't tested extensively on myself, had reviewed by a professional mentor, and maybe even guinea pigged on some family members, but never, ever, ever tested on animals.

As always, Green Way Apothecary's products are created with ethically-sourced, wildcrafted and/or organically cultivated raw materials; made by hand in small batches. Regardless of all the other changes that have happened and that may still happen - that will never change.

Walk green!

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