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But does it heal?

If you follow me on FB, you'll have seen my first post about my healing salve. I have been making this salve for a number of years and have had some really good reviews about it, but other than when I use it at home I didn't really have any "proof". So, following an injury, created by poor planning on my part, I decided to document how this salve heals.

I did some work for my dad over the last few weeks, and some of that work included being down on my hands and knees stripping a couple of bathroom floors so they could be resealed and refinished. It took about 4 hours to do 2 floors. It wasn't until I got home that I realized what I had done to my knees.

I put salve only on the left knee, and let the right knee heal on its own.

Day 1 - Left Knee

Day 1 - Right Knee

What I didn't realize is that the left knee was worse than the right knee. The right knee wasn't nearly as bad, more of a scrape. I put salve on the left knee. Once I put the salve on it a nice blister formed, but, the salve made it feel better (reduced that awful healing itch).

Day 2 - Left Knee

Day 2 - Right Knee

The right knee seems to be healing all on its own, but its itchy and dry, and still a little sore. The left knee is healing well, its perhaps a little more "icky" than the right knee but again, no dryness and little to no pain.

Day 3 - Left Knee

The right knee is now really dry, kind of stingy and seems to be shedding its skin without having new skin growth underneath - or a least none that I can see. It actually feels more raw than the left knee, which actually has a wee hole in it from the blister popping.

Day 4 - Left Knee

Day 4 - Right Knee

The left knee is still red, as you can see, but the hole from the popped blister is already scabbed over and the surrounding area is forming new skin and is not nearly as dry and itchy as the right. The right knee is raw, scaly and really itchy. It takes all of my willpower not to scratch at it.

Day 5 - Left Knee

Day 5 - Right Knee

Sorry about the colour of the picture of the left knee - I think the lighting was weird or I set something up on my phone camera that changed the filter (still new to the iPhone). The hole from the blister is healing nicely and all the surrounding dead skin has come off and there is new, healthy skin. The right knee still itches and is really dry. It actually looks like my regular day to day - sleeping, wearing pants, etc., is actually creating more of a sore.

I have a few more pictures, but, of course, my phone has decided to do an update - right at this very moment. *sigh*

I will post the next batch of photos tomorrow.

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