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My journey began while I was conquering my own health issues. Since discovering my own chemical sensitivities I have spent countless hours scouring the internet for green, non-toxic recipes for beauty, cleaning, and healthy living. I have had many successes, and some not-so-successful attempts at creating all of this stuff to maintain a healthy, green and toxin reduced environment for myself and my family.


The next logical step, as I saw it, was to become a certified herbalist. While there are a myriad of beauty product recipes, and products in-store, that purported to be green and non-toxic (and some of them are), there were almost too many; I wanted to concentrate on health and healing - I wanted to return, at least in part, to when we relied upon Mother Nature (and over 2000 years of tradition) for the herbs, flowers, "weeds" and seeds to maintain my family's health, and eventually, expand my scope to help those in my community. This lead me to enrol in a certification program and I am currently working toward that certification. For anyone interested, I am taking the Visionary Herbalism program through The Living Centre in London, Ontario & I am enrolled at the East West School of Planetary Herbology in the Professional Herbalist program. I will also be taking the East West Clinical Herbalist Program, but that is my long-term goal (and it's a wee bit pricey for me right now).


So, this is the path. The Green Way Apothecary will, eventually, be a true apothecary with its very own store front and a clinical practice. I have rather ambitious dreams of having the apothecary, a clinical practice and a breakfast/lunch type place that will also double as a soup kitchen. 

I am aiming to be fair & fest ready for the 2020 season. Hope to see you there!

Walk green!